27 May

"We Should All Be Feminists" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk

"We Should All Be Feminists" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk

30 Sep

Tips For Supporting a Grieving Friend During the Holidays

It's September. The leaves are falling, the night air is cooler and the blinking fireflies have gone wherever they go for the winter.

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23 Feb

To This Day Project By: Shane Koyczan

Help this message have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Please share generously.


6 Jan

Swiggtalk Interviews University Student, Joanne Cave, Winner of the World's Prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

You've heard of the Academy Awards and the Grammy's but have you heard of the Rhodes Scholarship? It's one of the most pretigious University scholarships in the world and Joanne Cave just won it. Swiggtalk interviews her to find out  her story. 

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4 Apr

Gratitude - By: Swiggtalk

This is worth spending time watching.  It will make you feel amazing and help remind you to appreciate each day.

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26 Feb

Clarkson Girls' Night In

Four months ago, I decided to organize a Girls’ Night In at my high school.


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9 Jan

Lady Gaga Speaks Out About Bullying at the Etobicoke School of the Arts

This is a video that Lady Gaga sent to seventeen-year-old student, Jacques St. Pierre of the Etobicoke School of the Arts thanking him for his anti-bullying efforts.

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29 Aug

Popularity: Is It Really Worth It?

For many high school students, being popular is the most important thing in the world. They think that by being popular, all their problems will automatically disappear and that their lives will be perfect. I know by experience that this is not true at all.

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29 Aug

Say Something Nice

Watch this social experiment and think about what it would mean if every day you decided to “say something nice” not only to others around you but to yourself.

Changing your internal dialogue could be the first step and most simple way to start fresh.Take this challenge Swigg Girls and shout out some positive and empowering words to yourself by sharing these here.

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28 Jul

How Skinny Should a Girl Be According to the Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry projects a negative image of women to young girls by trying to make them think that to be pretty, a girl should be skinny.

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